For video games today, it’s really important to become certain regarding picking their equipment, and also prefer the best motherboard for i7 8700k is actually no different. When it relates to technical growths in the extra of the computer system structure, the last many years may surely be actually defined as the decade of tremendous modern developments. Computers today are actually no longer an innovative device which simply creates the amount of video game easier for the customers. Rather, it is actually a crucial tool in the hands of the commoners.

For many years, along with the advancement of the web, computers, and laptops brought in the era of emails, internet search engine as well as various other social networking sites websites. And not simply did social media evolve along with the advent of the world wide web and a more established computer configuration, but it likewise marked the beginning of various timeless computer games.

Coming from installing ROM reports to participating in a number of the most interesting games online, our company has actually come a long way. The pc gaming encounter totally depends on the RAM, Visuals Card as well as Processor of the pc that you are actually using. To bring in the adventure rewarding, one has to purchase a premium handling system for pc gaming on Personal Computer or even Laptops.

The i7 8700k is among the most in demanded processor chips for the gaming enthusiasts. Although the CPU was actually developed to deal with the details needs of hardcore personal computer players, the knowledge of the consumer is mainly impacted due to the motherboard and myriad of other specs.

This write-up is actually all about locating the very best motherboard for i7 8700k. We shall evaluate 7 pot well-liked motherboards to make sure that you may draft a verdict on what is actually very most suitable for you.

How to Select Budget-Friendly Motherboard for i7 8700k?

There is a myriad of reasons you, as a games enthusiast, must make sure in deciding on a processor chip a motherboard that is compatible with i7 8700k, the simple being the ease along with which you can easily execute a variety of gaming activities on your notebook.

Picking the right motherboard for your i7 8700k could be fairly annoying, particularly when you have a little tip about video gaming laptops pc as well as their parts. Motherboards for i7 8700k are also fairly expensive as they add up to counterbalance a sophisticated computer system facilities. As a result, it is definitely important to create such a large investment based on superficial knowledge.

There is no dearth of designs or brand names of the motherboard for you to decide on. Nevertheless, you need to keep in mind that all these styles and also labels of motherboards possess an incredibly little bit of to no variation between them. In this particular situation, you need to locate your choice on the components that several styles all over various brand names must use you. When you know the numerous perks that these motherboards come with, you will definitely have the ability to choose one that meets your demands.

It is advised to look at some important variables when buying a motherboard for i7 8700k. The major aspects to consider when making a purchase selection are listed below:


The motherboard is practical all the same however high-end variations possess certain requirements that are certainly not included in motherboards that are actually somewhat lighter on the pocket. However, the notion that products on the costlier edge of the range are actually even more helpful than their more affordable choices does certainly not consistently applies. There are actually a variety of designs of cheaper motherboards that operate equally excellent as the high-end ones.

For that reason, it is vital to understand more regarding several versions as well as labels as well as consider what they have to deliver to you. You might as well get a less expensive motherboard for your i7 8700k with components identical to the premium ones.


Although the motherboard, regardless of the company as well as the design, does the very same features, the look of the motherboard may differ. There are actually different looks variables that determine the buyer’s choice to buy a product.

The variety and also forms of slots and also ports that the motherboard possesses is a primary determining aspect for the customer. The users keep an eye out for M. 2 Ports and USB 3.1 Generation 2. You might additionally like to check out the number of RAM ports that the motherboard needs to offer you and the measurements of the motherboard. The motherboards can be found in 4 dimensions- Mini ITX, MicroATX, ATX, and also EATX along with Mini ITX being the tiniest and EATX being actually the largest.


Overclocking is actually the ability of the motherboard to totally reset various elements of the computer system to create it operate a lot faster than the rate specified due to the supplier. Gamers surely may utilize CPUs that are higher in their Overclocking capacities. In fact, the processor is very most generally overclocked, various other parts being the graphics card, RAM, and motherboard chipset.

You need to need to choose what kind of Overclocking capabilities you are actually looking for in a computer to make it optimal for the video gameplay. You have to likewise see to it that you acquire a product that matches the stipulated specification and that is actually also among the reasons responsible for proposing you the most effective motherboards for overclocking.

7 Best Motherboards for i7 8700k 2020

Listed below are actually the very best motherboards for i7 8700k pc gaming processor chips.

1. ASUS ROG Maximus X Hero Z370 LGA1151

The ASUS ROG Maximus is actually recognized for its own energy and compactness which is sure to offer the player a hassle-free pc gaming encounter. The motherboard is a terrific match for the CPU which ensures that you shall experience no troubles in the gameplay whatsoever.

Specs Analysts and also a wide variety of customers have actually presently offered their judgment on this style- the CPU runs the motherboard effectively. The ASUS ROG Maximus is actually developing to satisfy every Intel 8 Creation Core Processors. The item is relevant to all gaming protocols which makes it a wonderful option for the players.

This design is an improvisated model of the ASUS Z270 design which is actually included along with various incredible functions including a sizable heat sink linked with M2 port attachments, and inventive cool along with I/O shield. There are actually several other desirable features of this particular motherboard that includes LED article code display, CMOS button, USB biographies recall, and also testing as well as disregarding practical elements. This model gives a good deal of functions and also performances for the cost which makes it a well-liked choice for the players.

Listed below are actually some pros and cons of the device.


  • The laptop pc possesses a variety of other added components that are actually challenging to find in its own sort.
  • The cost of the product is nearly the same as the price of its previous model- the Z270 variation.
  • This model operates fantastic for various Intel 8 Processors.
  • You will definitely obtain the benefit of conducting a variety of activities easily
  • Consists of supporter header provisions


  • Carries out certainly not consist of WiFi standard

2. Gigabyte Z370 Aorus Pc Gaming 7 Mother Board

If you desire to plunge into an unlimited pc gaming experience, this is the product that you need to check out. Ever since the product visited in the marketplace, it has actually been gaining credibility and reputation for itself from gamers.

The Gigabyte Z370 is the one most likely motherboard for i7 8700k being obligated to repay to its inbuilt functions as well as myriad powers. It needs to be actually kept in mind that the unit was actually made by pros to prompt the best achievable output for the gamers to serve their gaming needs. Every functionality collaborates to create the pc gaming experience magical for the individual.

Speaking of functionalities, the motherboard features a digital Central Processing Unit energy design which is in charge of sustaining some of the demanding elements. The motherboard permits the individuals to personalize the RGB. This motherboard is actually likewise Virtual Reality ready for you to be able to develop your gaming rig.

This motherboard is actually best for all Intel 8 Generations Processors. The motherboard includes a USB Style C and USB 3.1 Gen 2. It additionally features Awesome E2500 Games Network.

Contributing to the visual appeals of the device is actually the Multi-Zone LED Sound-and-light Show Style. A few other functions of this specific device consist of Smart Enthusiast 5 Air Conditioning, Ultra Durable Armour, Multi-Way Graphic Assistance, as well as even more.

The product is understood for its own effectiveness as well as consequently, it is actually appreciated by the customers on different eCommerce platforms. You might take into consideration the testimonials and rankings before you create the last acquisition.

Let us have a look at the pros and cons of the product.


  • The cosmetic of this item is pretty feeling free to fir most of the customers.
  • The item also includes great audio support as it includes AMP-UP Sound Stipulation
  • Overclocking inclinations for this tool are actually no suit for its own substitutes.
  • The motherboard supports SLI and Crossfire Inputs


  • The product may certainly not be actually as reliable as it is actually intended to be when overclocked.
  • It is costly as contrasted to various other alternatives.

3. MSI Z370 PC GAMING Pro Carbon HVAC ATX Motherboard

The Z370 Games Pro motherboard by MSI is placed one of the best 10 finest motherboards for i7 8700k for a number of practical factors.

First and foremost, the motherboard is compatible all over numerous tools like the 8th Generation Intel Center, Celeron as well as Pentium Processors. Being obligated to repay to its pro-activeness as well as snag complementary functionalities, it still has the potential for being among the most ideal games motherboards accessible on the market.

The longevity of the products is made certain due to the inbuilt military 5 parts. This device also features a 10-period VRM and related warmth sinks for all of them. The tool also permits shade personalization which is generated by LED and RGB elements of the motherboard.

The motherboard also assists 64 GIGABYTE of the moment and comes with prolonged ATX. The device is actually likewise understood to supply support for 2-way NVIDIA SLI. Generally, this product deserves your loan.

Some of the advantages and disadvantages of the item are actually mentioned in the aspects below:


  • Acquire the benefit of a max expedition of the activities with included PCI-e ports in the motherboard
  • The item includes adjustable RGB functions
  • The Overclocking inclinations of this device are among the most effective in a training class
  • It is compatible with USB 3.1 Generation 2


  • The Wi-fi memory card of the item is certainly not incorporated

4. ASUS TUF Z370

If you are looking for a motherboard appropriate for your i7 8700k processor chip, look no further than the ASUS TUF Z370. This ASUS version is a mix of sturdiness, electrical power, and also efficiency. The high quality of the ASUS model is made evident by specialists in addition to users to get increased speed and performance to ace their video game.

The ASUS design possesses no scarcity of distinctive functions which makes the onlookers intend to toss their cash on it. Relating premium quality audio attribute is true technology ALC 8878 that the gadget features. Absolutely, the audio function supplies an added advantage to the unit as contrasted to its own subsidiaries. Contributing to the graphics is the sound quality that improves your pc gaming experience to the fullest.

The BIOGRAPHY framework is actually one more important component of the motherboard which is responsible for handling seamless data flow in between the attached unit and also system software. BIOS is actually likewise the driving pressure for the Overclocking of the device and also the hands-free operation of enthusiasts in the motherboard.

Various other noteworthy attributes of this system feature Gigabit LAN, M2 in Twin Slots Format, and USB 3.1 Production 2 Intel Optane memory assistance. Military quality components of the item are responsible for the toughness that the motherboard comes with.

Listed here are actually the pros and cons of the item.


  • The item is compatible with USB 3.1 as well as M. 2 which makes certain fast data transfers
  • The device includes RGB Lighting fixtures
  • The price is inexpensive taking into consideration the lots of functions that the product possesses.
  • This item comes with a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty for the individuals.


  • The Overclocking tendencies of the tool are very poor
  • USB slots on the motherboard are confined
  • The XMP homes of this particular device could be quite uncertain

5. EVGA Z370

The EVGA Z370 is among the most demanded motherboards for i7 8700k processors owing to its numerous old qualities. This product is actually additionally known for its own compactness which is an indication of its own energy and also longevity. No surprise, it is among the best products for i7 8700k offered available.

Some of the stands apart attributes of this particular unit is actually the six slots SATA add-ons that possess several conveniences over designs that include a PATA user interface. Various other attributes of the EVGA Z370 feature USB 3.1 ports both style C and A, Intel Gigabit NIC, 7.1 Channel Audio, 4 DIMM Double Stations assisting approximately 64 GIGABYTE, and also M. 2 inlets.

Affixed to the eleven stage class structure is actually the electronic VRM which is accountable for the hassle-free performance of the computer system. The motherboard is best for modest gamers who do certainly not need added features in a motherboard like RGB lighting and a high-end cooling system. Nonetheless, the tool balances the shortage of these specifications with 6 pin PCI-e along with supplies additional power and also aids in memory card overclocking.

Given below are actually a variety of advantages and disadvantages of the products to help you make a purchase choice.


  • There are 10 USB Ports in the motherboard
  • The outcome is excellent for the cost spent
  • It features practical overclocking potentials
  • Suitable with USB 3.1 Generation 2 and M. 2.


  • The item lacks the RGB lighting feature
  • It has a lot fewer features than most various other items on the checklist
  • It is actually certainly not the version for aggressive players.

6. ASRock Z370 Deadly SLI Motherboard

The ASRock Z370 is a definitely soft-sell style as compared to different other lessons of motherboard for i7 8700k. Having said that, the benefit regarding this style is actually that it includes all the crucial features with which a game lover can easily improvise. Folks searching for budget plan friendly choices can home in on this product.

The item possesses significant sturdiness and also bearing capacity. The motherboard is actually additionally equipped with various other features like 2 M. 2 NVME PCI-e ports as well as NVIDIA SLI that is accountable for assisting PCI-e slots.

The product gets on par with its substitutes because of its active DDR4 framework which is actually recognized for supporting various RAM speeds.


  • The overclocking capabilities of the design are actually top-level
  • Its own attributes consist of USB 3.1 Gen 2 and also M. 2.
  • The product additionally assists Crossfire X, NVIDIA SLI, and also Quad SLI.


  • The gadget is without lots of high-end attributes that do deficient an optimal choice for substantial gamers.

7. ASUS ROG Strix Z370 E-Gaming Motherboard.

Created within the premium modern technology structure, the ASUS ROG Strix Z370 E-Gaming motherboard has gotten a chunk of loyal consumers for on its own. This motherboard is among the very best satisfying devices for the i7 8700k processor chip as it permits every game task that a pro-gamer can consider.

It has a myriad of features such as 4 DDR4 RAM Slots, RGB illumination which is adjustable, as well as 4000 MHz feature time clock rate. The tool likewise permits you to completely personalize the RGB lighting due to the use of a 5 method marketing roadmap. The tool makes overclocking a truly simple. You may prepare the unit to overclock simply along with a click.

The audio outcome of the device is just one of the very best components regarding it. It possesses a ROG supreme FXS1220. There are actually various other functions like M. 2 as well as USB 3.1 Gen 2.

The ASUS ROG Strix Z370 is for gamers that want to produce a huge investment to create their video gameplay the best-in-class encounter.


  • This product offers you the best gaming experience as compared to all various other tools.
  • The built-in air conditioning is actually incomparable.
  • You will certainly find the wonderful stable of RGB lights customization in this particular product.


  • Acquiring this item is a pricey undertaking.


1. What is actually the distinction between Intel 7 and Intel 8th Processors?
If you review the architecture of both these designs, you will definitely discover a minor variation in them. Having said that, the genuine distinction depends upon the fact the Intel 8 components pair of more centers than Intel 7, leading to fifty% better performance when it relates to multi-threaded activities. Intel 8 additionally takes advantage of UHD graphics as reviewed to HD graphics made use of through Intel 7.

2. What attributes should I seek in a motherboard?
Each motherboard comes with a different collection of attributes. You must look into the requirements and make your option based upon what accessible and if that serves your requirements. Nonetheless, there are certain components that you have to look out for like the Type Factor, Cpu Socket, PCI slots, RAM, and also SATA.

3. Why can not the exact same motherboard be actually utilized for i7 7700k and also i7 8700k?
There is a distinction in the improvement velocity between each of these tools. The i7 7700k is 105 MHz a lot faster than i7 8700k which is the main reason that you require a separate set of motherboard configuration for the i7 8700k.

4. Which one should you get?
What helps you depends mostly on your game requirements. If you are a vigorous gamer, you might desire to check out styles that possess functions like personalized RGB lighting and excellent audio output. Yet if you are actually a medium gamer, you can look out for products that cater merely to the absolute most essential functions. For example, the ASRock Z370 supplies all the essential attributes for a fantastic rate.

5. What is actually Overclocking?
Overclocking can be merely detailed as the procedure of enhancing the time clock cost to make sure that the computer system manages to conduct the activity at a faster rate. Overclocking requires the computer to perform tasks per second. It is essential for hardcore gamers to obtain their palms on a motherboard with great overclocking centers to possess the expertise of a continuous game.

Final Verdict

Our company hopes this overview helps you in opting for the very best motherboard for i7 8700k as per your pc gaming requirements. See to it that you make a decision just after looking at the pros and cons of each product as well as dealing with an allocate the exact same. It is actually encouraged not to go over-bound along with the spending plan as it might result in underutilization of the item. Likewise, satisfy take into consideration the ratings as well as assessments of buyers just before you locate something.